Sky-pirates dutch kite team  

Welcome on our website. We are the sky-pirates, a kite team which was found on the 1st of August 2000.  The team has now 9 members. Before this time several of our members were already kiting.  The most important goal for all our members is enjoying kiting and let other people enjoy to see our kites. Started as a power kite team, we changed  about 2005 in an all-round kite team. For example we have, power kites, buggy's, revolution kites, and one line kites, which we build by ourself. You can see several pictures of our kites on this side, as well as our members.

You can see us at several kite festivals, we also give demonstrations, to promote our kite sport. During this demonstations we explain the visitors how we build the kites and how you can fly them. We also do workshops for the children, where they learn to build their own kite.






                  Some of the Kite Festivals we have visited :

Kitefestival Country
Kitefestival Dieppe France
Kitefestival Scheveningen The Netherlands
Drachenfest Trier Germany
Kitefestival Berck sur Mer France
Kitefestival Lommel Belgium
Kitefestival Gemert The Netherlands
Lotto Kitefestival Oostende Belgium
Kite clinic Rijsbergen The Netherlands
Kitefestival Nieuwpoort Belgium
Kitefestival Oirsbeek The Netherlands
Kite meeting Zeebrugge Belgium
Kitefestival Westerhaar The Netherlands
Kitefestival Linkeroever Antwerpen Belgium
Kitefestival Bergeijk The Netherlands
Kitefestival Somain France
International Kitefestival Portsmouth Great Britain
International Kitefestival Blyth Great Britain
And many more see this link  










In 2009 we started with the organisation our own Kite festival : De Rijsbergse Vliegerdagen ( Kitefestival Rijsbergen). It was from the beginning a success, it is organised every 3rd weekend of August. We have more than 250 participants and about 4000 visitors. More information you can find on

The sky-pirates have as a main goal, to promote the kite sport, and enjoy flying kites. We are often invited to several kite festivals and by other organisations to show our kites and let the people meet the kite sport.


You can contact us :







Kite team
Contact René Baremans
Address Risten 2
  4891bb Rijsbergen
  The Netherlands
Phone +31 651115861   (mobile)
  +31 768500223 (home)
Facebook sky-pirates
Twitter skypirates














                  Meet the team members :

                  Rene Baremans         Petra Baremans-Mertens         Rens Hartman       

                  Rene Baremans                          Petra Baremans-Mertens                                Rens Hartman                        


                  Stef Voermans          Jan Borsboom         Tim Held

                  Stef Voermans                                                 Jan Borsboom                                  Tim Held


                  Daisy Soudant                           

                  Daisy Soudant





                  Some of our Kites : (click on the photo to enlage)


























                You can find many more pictures  in our picture gallery